Are you facing VR base station (1.0 or 2.0) sensor/tracking issues like not getting detected, not turning on, or having issues with SteamVR?

These are quite common issues in Vive base stations.

There are two possibilities - Physical damage or Software(firmware) bugsThis guide mostly focuses on software-related issues in the base station.

For any form of physical damage to base stations, get a consultation from HTC Vive support.

    FIX: HTC Vive Base station not working!

    It simply means the Base station is not working for HTC Vive Wired HMDs.

    Your base stations are sensing your Wired Vive Headset for tracking purposes.

    I. Check Base station Sensor Lenses

    Dirt and dust can block the sensor lenses. Use a damp, & clean cloth or wet wipes to wipe them.

    If you see scratches on the lenses, consider replacing them or at least getting scratch removal liquid to remove them out.

    You can also try applying(Gently) White Vinegar & Baking soda solution on a scratched surface. Later, clean it with a soft cotton ball or soft fabric.

    II. Faulty USB cable connections

    There might be another reason like a USB, HDMI cable, or port-related issue. You can fix it through basic practices like cleaning a cable/port, re-plugging, changing a port, etc.

    You can go through a detailed guide on Vive's USB-related issues, this might help you to fix the issue.

    III. Change the Power Cycle of Base Stations

    Turn off the base stations, unplug them for a few seconds, and then plug them back in and turn them on again.

    It breaks the continuous flow of power which might be the reason for the existing issue.

    Also, try to change the power supply. In some cases, the power supply of the base stations can be faulty.

    Trying a different power supply can help to identify if this is the reason.

    IV. Fix the Base Station Configurations

    Check the base station configuration in SteamVR settings. Ensure they are set to the correct channels (A, B, or C) and that there is no interference.

    V. Update the firmware manually with a Lighthouse patch

    Note: If your Vive device is not working showing a green or red light, then only try this method. Otherwise, it would actually break your HTC Vive base stations and that will cost you a few more bucks.

    It is quite big &  tutorial, be prepared and follow every step carefully.

    1. Remove the Base station power source & connect it with a micro-B USB cable to your PC

    2. Long press the Mode button & connect it to a power supply

    3. Wait until it shows a USB mass storage device connection message on the PC

    4. You'll see the External drive with the name 'CRP_DISABLED' in a 'This PC', it will contain the firmware.bin file

    5. Just delete it

    6. Now, copy the 'lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-calibration-rescue-244.bin' file from the below path & paste it into the 'CRP_DISABLED' drive

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\firmware\lighthouse_tx\archive\htc_2.0

    6. After that, just open the Power plug

    7. Wait a while and replug the power cables(Don't press any button while powering up the base station)

    8. The green or red light will start Blinking

    If it's green, then we've successfully fixed the Sensor or base station-related issue.

    If it's blinking a red light, then it still has some issues. We need to fix that as well. Just follow the below steps for the red light issue.

    1. Unplug the power again and repeat all the above 8 steps with different files from the same location

    2. lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-244-2016-03-12.bin is another file, use this file

    It will fix your Base station sensor issue if the lights are not blinking.

    VI. Room Setup

    Redo the room set up in SteamVR. Recalibrating the play area can sometimes help the system recognize the base stations.

    If any of the methods are not working for you, then you can consider changing the hardware.

    Connect with Vive Support and request for damaged hardware replacement. Either they will repair it or replace it with a new one.

    You can also check the next fixing guide on HTC Vive/Index tracking issues! Just scroll a little bit. It might help you in fixing your problem.

    FIX: VIVE Wireless Sensor is not working!

    Vive base station sensors & Vive Wireless sensors work differently from each other.

    If your Vive Wireless headset's Sensors are not working, then follow the below steps.

    1. Reinstall the WiGig Drivers

    We will need to reinstall the WiGig drivers that come with Vive Wireless installation. You'll find that under the Vive Wireless folders.

    1. Navigate to this path - C:\Program Files\VIVE Wireless\IntelWiGig

    2. Click the WiGigInstaller_VR_x64 executable file

    3. Choose a Repair option & Finish the installation

    You've successfully reinstalled the required driver files for the PCIe WiGig card.

    If still the issues haven't been fixed, then there might be a problem with the WiGig card or its connections.

    2. Reinstall the PCIe WiGig Card

    Reinstall the WiGig card in PCIe slots & check the WiGig card is properly connected to the Wireless sensor.

    Make sure that the Wireless sensor is placed in a way that it can sense the Wireless adaptor easily.

    Solutions for HTC Vive & Valve Index tracking issues

    In this case, the Base station showing green lights but not tracking the VR controller & headset.

    So, we'll see some fixes for tracking-related issues.

    I. Reconnect the Ribbon Cable (for controller tracking issues)

    If a controller stops tracking, open it up and reconnect the ribbon cable that might have become loose from the motherboard.

    II. Covering Reflective Surfaces & Obstructions

    Reflective surfaces can interfere with the tracking. So, always cover mirrors, Windows, and other reflective surfaces in the play area.

    Ensure there are no physical obstructions between the base stations and the headset.